Mobdro Telus Set-top Box

Mobdro TelusMobdro is the dream app for anyone who is constantly looking for premium media content to stream on their phone because the Mobdro app makes it so easy, you just have to download the app and start streaming from the most exclusive sources around the world without having to pay a dime or puschase the app! The Mobdro app is free to be used on any smart device and it supports a number of devices so you never have to worry about your device being compatible. You can stream premium media content from a large number of sources ranging from sports, news to movie and TV shows and you can also download or record everything that you stream on your device to watch it later or you can also transfer the recorded media to other devices. Mobdro provides lightning fast transfer speeds so you never have to wait while streaming 4K content!

Telus Set-top Box is the best choice if you have a wide screen 4K UHD TV because the set top box is loaded with great features that will complement your TV very nicely. You can stream 4K media content on your TV using the Telus Set-top Box with supported apps and take advantage of the super crisp image reproduction engine on your TV and you can also run the popular entertainment apps on your TV using the Telus Set-top Box even if your TV is not smart. You can also record your favorite movies and TV shows that you stream using Telus Set-top Box record feature.


Run Mobdro on Telus Set-top Box

You will need an android device to stream media files using Mobdro app on Telus Set-top Box.

  • Download AllCast app from Play Store on your android device.
  • Download Mobdro on Android.
  • Install the downloaded APK on your phone and run it.
  • Open your desired media file in the app and in the player option, select AllCast.
  • Choose Telus Set-top Box in the options and the media file will start streaming on your TV!

Mobdro also runs on: