Mobdro on Philco TV

MobdroPhilco was basically a battery company which grew and expanded its business overtime, Phiclo in North America is owned by Phillips and in other markets Philco International is owned by Electrolux, Philo Farnsworth invented the first fully functional electronic vacuum tube television system, who worked at Philco in 1931. Philco has grown a lot and one of the latest products of Philco in today’s market is the Philco Android LED Curve TV. Philco TV is famous for providing greater immersion and its surround sound which recreates a more realistic audio environment, The latest Philco TV offers ultra HD resolution and has smart technology which provides access to Internet content directly from your TV, it has USB and 3 HDMI inputs so you can play your favourite movies, shows and much more.

Mobdro is one of the best entertainment app, as it allows the user to stream movies, live shows, games, music, etc directly from their device. Mobdro is completely free to download and use. Mobdro connects the user with the web and provides all the streaming content in a single place so the user can choose from the categories provided which are, movies, shows, games, animals, spiritual, music, etc, the user can select from a variety of categories mentioned or simply search for the content they want to stream.


Run Mobdro on Philco TV

  1. Launch your Android powered Philco TV.
  2. Open settings and allow download from ‘Unknown Sources’ (Mobdro is a third party app and needs this setting turned on to successfully download on your device.)
  3. Make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  4. Open your preferred browser and search and Download Mobdro apk.
  5. Wait for the download to finish.
  6. Once the app is installed Run Mobdro and stream for your favourite videos.

More supported platforms: