Modro Not Working?

Mobdro is an app designed for android devices that lets you stream exclusive media files from all around the globe. Mobdro is constantly on the lookout for the best, premium streams directly on your smart phone and the best thing about using Modro to stream media files is that you do not have to buy any subscription from the app, in fact you don’t even have to sign in to start streaming content on your phone using this app.

Common Mobdro Errors and Solution

Mobdro is a reliable app but sometimes you may face some issues with the app which are easily fixable, we will introduce you to the most common problems you might face with Mobdro not working on android, take a good look.


Parse Error

You will face this error with the Modro app if you have downloaded the incomplete .apk file of the app or because the file has been corrupted while you transferred it. This can also be the problem of your android hardware or android OS version because if your android OS or hardware does not support the app, you will face this error. You can download a compatible version of Modro again but if your android version is Android 4.1 or lower than the Modro app will not work on your smart phone.

No Connection Error

You might face this issue with your app if you have a slow internet connect and the app is having a hard time fetching data from the internet. This error can be easily fixed by connecting to a fast network so you can stream high definition video.

Video Playback Error

You might face this error while streaming and there is a very simple fix to this error. You just need to turn on the developer options by tapping “Build number” 7 times and then go in the developers options and select NuPlayer or AwesomePlayer to enable this. You will then need to restart your device and the problem will go away but it only works with devices having Android 6.0 or below.

Currently Offline Error

This is the most common error that you might see on your Mobdro app and to fix it, all you need to do is download Opera VPN from the google play store, activate the VPN and the app is fixed again!

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