Mobdro on Hitachi TV

MobdroHitachi Ltd is a japanese company, founded in 1910 by an electrical engineer Namihei Odaira. It is a highly diversified company that operates in eleven business segments, one of them is the Digital Media and Consumer Products which brings us to the Hitachi TV. Hitachi’s first TV model was launched in 1956. Hitachi TV’s offer 32”, 40” and 50” models which are compatible with various media inputs. Hitachi TV provides full HD monitors with crystal clear sound, Hitachi TV’s have a very slim design and LED backlights give it a premium look, they are completely mercury free, it provides HDMI and USB connectivity with all the models. You can do online video streaming without any set top box on Hitachi TV and with its mirroring feature enables tablets and smartphones content to be sent wirelessly to the TV screen.

Mobdro is hands down on of the best video streaming app available in the market, Mobdro lets the user stream their favourite videos on their device easily, It shows the user all the videos that are available on different platforms in one place. Mobdro gives the user freedom to watch any TV show, game, movie, podcast, etc with just a single tap. It provides subtitles in more than 225 languages so you don’t have to look for subtitles online. Mobdro is very simple to use and a must have app if you love to spend time watching your favourite shows or movies. Mobdro is available to download on Android, iOS, Windows and Smart TV.


Watch your favourite videos on Hitachi TV with Mobdro.

  1. Download Mobdro on your Android device or smartphone.
  2. Boot up your Hitachi TV and go to Settings > turn on ‘Screen Mirror’
  3. Choose an play the video on Mobdro App on your Android smartphone.
  4. Now open ‘navigation panel’ and choose ‘Cast’ feature on your smartphone to develop a connection between your Android device and Hitachi TV.
  5. Connect both the devices with the same internet connection.
  6. You will notice your device name on Hitachi TV, tap on it and ‘pair’ both devices.
  7. Now you can watch all your favourite videos on your Hitachi TV.

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