Mobdro Hisense TV

Mobdro Hisense TVMobdro is a smart streaming app which does not cost money but is much more useful than any other media streaming app you may have used in the past because it delivers high resolution media files directly on your smart device and does not cost you a dime, you don’t have to buy a subscription fee or purchase the app to start streaming what you like using Mobdro. The app can adapt to your search patterns and it will notify you if it finds a stream that you might be interested in and you can chose from a number of categories such as sports, news, wildlife, movies, TV shows and much more. Mobdro also lets you record or download the media that you stream on your device and you can also transfer the recorded media file to any other device and watch it later without needing any other app.

Hisense is a electronics manufacturer from the United States of America that specialises in TV’s and you can get a great deal on a Hisense TV because they are an all American brand and you can pick one up from your local Walmart for a very reasonable amount that you may not even believe for a TV loaded with great features. If you are able to spend some money, you can get yourself a good Hisense Smart TV with a big wide screen and play a nice entertainment or movie streaming app, sit back and enjoy the show.


Download Mobdro on Hisense TV

  • Turn on the option to “Allow apps from unknown sources” from security settings of your smart TV so you can install the Mobdro App.
  • Download Mobdro on Hisense TV.
  • Locate the apk and install Mobdro.
  • Head back to home screen.
  • Run Mobdro and start streaming!

You can also run Mobdro on: