Download Mobdro 2.0.38

MobdroMobdro 2.0.38 is an application for streaming videos online when it comes to android based apps. It is very efficient as it’s compatible with all android devices – phones, tablets. It has a software that constantly searches the internet to give you the best free video streaming links and gives them to you faster. You can select which link to play and every video you could possibly think of is at your fingertips. It helps you find anything and everything and enables you to watch videos from everywhere in the world. It has no language restrictions either so you can play videos in any language of your choice and / or preference. It has an offline feature so that you can save the videos you want and watch them without spending data, offline anywhere and any time.  The bookmarking feature lets you organise and schedule the videos and decide the line up according to your wish.

The new version – Mobdro 2.0.38 has the latest upgrades in terms of software. It now covers more domains than before and even lets you stream videos from TV and YouTube channels. This lets the users explore on a whole new level along with their earlier area of coverage. The videos can be offline just the same. The video engine has been improved significantly and the difference  can be seen when you use the app as the ease of use has increased remarkably. All of the previously reported bugs have also been removed.


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