Mobdro Chrome OS

Mobdro Chrome OSMobdro is a media streaming app designed for smart devices that lest you stream any exclusive media from all over the world directly on your device. The process if swift and the transfer speeds you get with Mobdro app are lightning fast so you never have to wait to the media to buffer. Mobdro does not require you to buy a subscription to use the app to stream on your device, in fact you don’t even have to sign up with the app before you start streaming. You don’t have to make any changes to your operating system in order to run Mobdro on your device and it works with most devices that have a screen and have an operating system.

Chrome OS is a very simple and easy to use operating system developed by Google and it is based on the Google chrome web browser so it primarily runs web applications and it does a pretty good job. You can run a number of cool apps on the Chrome OS and generally the OS is present on low power laptops that are used just to take notes but it does the job and then some. The user interface of the OS is very basic and you will have no problem navigating between apps and it supports entertainment apps so you can stream your favorite media content with ease on Chrome OS anytime you want.


Download Mobdro on Chrome OS

  • Run Chrome and navigate to extensions tap and search for “arc welder”.
  • Click “Add Extension” and the extension will be added to chrome. 
  • Download Mobdro on Chrome OS
  • Run Arc Welder from chrome apps.
  • Click the “Add your APK” option.
  • Load the Downloaded APK file.
  • Click the “Test” button which will install Mobdro on Chromebook using Arc welder
  • After the app has finished installing, Open Mobdro and start streaming!